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We receive calls all the time from customers who say their HVAC unit is not performing well. The first thing we ask is how long has it been since the filter was changed? Changing the furnace filter is one thing you can do to ensure the unit is operating normally. Call our Spring Valley, NV Heating and Air team today for help with your unit or other helpful tips.

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Are your utility bills running higher than normal, you are not alone? Customers call us all the time because their HVAC unit is not running properly and driving up their utility bills. It can be a simple fix, like adding a programmable thermostat, or it can be time for a new unit. Call us today for an evaluation on your air conditioner, furnace and heat pump equipment, we proudly service all makes and models.

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Has your HVAC unit frozen over? Rather than trying to thaw it out with the hairdryer, give us a call. There are a couple things that cause a unit to freeze, one is a refrigerant leak, and the other is setting the thermostat too low. Call us when your icy unit has your home steaming, we can help!

Annual Service Agreements Save Spring Valley Business Owners Money and Time. Call 702-410-6524 Today.

Most businesses have roof top unit that can make servicing them difficult. It is important to have a commercial HVAC unit is top shape, regardless of where it is located. Customers and workers of the establishment, depend on the building to be cool and comfortable enough to shop, conduct business or work. We recommend that you have your air conditioning equipment serviced once a year to ensure dependability. Call today and see about our annual service agreements and how they can help shield you from a service interruption.